A Grow medium is basically the substance that you use to grow your cannabis roots in. This substance can be anything from soil to perlites. The roots are the main part of your cannabis plant. The growth medium is what makes sure your cannabis roots get the water, oxygen, & the proper nutrients it needs to flourish. There are various factors you might want to consider before choosing as this is what will influence the growth of your cannabis!

We will be talking about the three main growing methods that are the most used. They are Soil, COCO, & Deep Water Culture. Each grow medium has its own pros and cons and in the end, we will give you our recommendation on what we recommend and why! So let's get started: 


Soil is something that is preferred by most growers who are just starting out because of the simplicity and the fact that it is natural. Since soil is something that is found naturally it won't be at the desired levels you would like it to be for cannabis growing. In soil, for cannabis to grow, you need to make sure that a blend is created between the following factors; pH level, Water retention, Texture, Nutrients, Drainage. Make sure that the soil you are getting has some ingredients like fish meal, compost, bat guano, worm castings and etc. 

Soil is preferred by most growers

Many growers choose soil as their preferred grow medium is because it is much easier to control when compared to their counterparts. The good thing about growing your cannabis in soil is that it acts as a cushion and the level of tolerance to errors made is high. Compared to COCO & Hydroponics the pH is also much more stable and reliable thereby making the maintenance effort low. 

There are also some cons that come into play with using soil. With soil, there is a chance for more bug infestations as soil is a medium that bugs can inhabit. The growth for your cannabis is also slower when compared to the other grow mediums. 

For most first-time growers, we suggest getting a ready-made potting soil that has already made sure that the conditions are optimal! We have mentioned two of the top potting soils we recommend below. 

Recommendation 1: Foxfarm potting Soil Ocean Forest

Recommendation 2: Canna Terra

For Organic Growing : Biocanna Terra


Coco Coir is another medium that is taking the growing world by storm. Coco is derived from the word coconut and it is basically made from the outer husks of the coconut and the coconut itself. Not only is it an excellent growing medium, it very sustainable. In other words, it is made from organic components to preserve the ecosystem. Coco Coir is an incredibly tough and strong fiber that is durable in any condition, making it resistant to rotting or fungus.

Made from the outer husks of the coconut

Growing in COCO is satisfying and effective! It is the perfect neutral grow medium for you to fully customize and let your cannabis plants grow in an optimum way. So, since you have total control over different factors, you decide the way your plants grow. Getting the right blend would ensure you get bigger yields and an amazing cannabis bud when harvesting. Compared to the soil, you might see a larger plant and faster growth! Hydration is also excellent, it makes sure your cannabis gets plenty of water! The aeration properties are amazing ensuring your plants have strong and healthy roots.

Although COCO has a wide range of positive aspects, there are some cons that would come into play for the average grower. Firstly, the watering schedule is more rigorous when compared with soil as it dries out more quickly. As the COCO does not have many nutrients in it, you will have to add the right blend of nutrients if you want to get your healthy cannabis plant.

We suggest the Coco Grow Medium for the relatively beginner growers and the intermediate growers. The thing is you can find the right blend of nutrients but you just have to work at it with COCO. It is not as forgiving as soil!

We recommend using the CANNA COCO COIR because they have gotten the blend of all the factors perfectly, and is a dream to grow in!

Deep Water Culture System

Deep Water Culture(DWC) is the new and upcoming grow medium that is being used by a lot of growers today! The growing world has been taken by storm with the introduction of hydroponics. Deep Water Culture is when you take the roots of your cannabis plant and directly put it in water. It is an amazing way to grow cannabis because if done right, you can be looking at increasing your yield by 30%! That's more than reason enough for hydroponics to get a head turn! 

Deep Water Culture  is the new and upcoming grow medium

With Deep Water Culture, you will see much faster growth and higher yields in your cannabis plants when you compare it to the other mediums provided it is done right. Imagine that, getting your harvest faster! Also because it is primarily water and no soil is involved, it is fully resistant to pests entering your plant. The nutrients that the plants are more controlled as well because instead of the nutrients being absorbed by the soil because of overexposure, it just keeps circling around in the water to and is ready for the cannabis plant when it needs it!

Like all good things, it also has a set of disadvantages. Growing with Deep Water Culture requires a huge amount of time and commitment. It is a grow medium that needs a lot of attention and constant check-ups to ensure it is running smoothly. Another reason it is avoided by growers is because of its complexity. You will need to have extensive growing knowledge to grow successfully. if you have identified any problems, you will need to know how you can tackle it and it comes with experience and growing knowledge. The initial setup cost is also on the higher side when you compare it to the other grow mediums as you will need to make sure that the system is automated.

This is a Grow Medium we suggest to the avid and curious growers! If you want to try something new and want to put in the time and commitment to see through this process, then go for it!


Soo, we hope you got the gist of each grow medium and how they work! Remember that there is no such thing as the "correct growth medium". It all depends on your level of knowledge in the growing world and what your goals are. Having said that, if you still insist we tell you what we prefer, it has to be COCO! We just found it do be a dream to grow in. Again this is our personal opinion, so remember that everyone is different and to assess your level and goals before you start Growing!

Also, let us know in the comments below what you think and what your favorite way of growing is! If at any time you are still having some difficulties in deciding, you can always contact us by live chat or phone and we would be happy to help you out! 

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I had one outside home made one it worked well ,now am trying the deep water buckets my first try I added my organic fertilizer to early
And I killed my plants now I am trying again .

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