You all might be wondering what is the best time to harvest your cannabis bud and what is the most efficient way to do it right? Harvesting too early will make you miss out a lot, and if you harvest too late, you will miss out as well! So is there really a sweet spot that can guarantee a better harvest? 

Timing is essential during harvesting! Depending on the goals you have for your yield you will want to maximize your THC or CBD level. Harvesting too early means missing potency and yield. Harvesting too late might lead to a highly sedative product. So let us show you how you can achieve that harvesting sweet spot and get a better bud quality and pleasant smoke.

How to know it's time?

Before thinking about harvesting your bud, start by flushing your plants with water. Ideally, do this a week before you harvest. This is just to ensure that your plants flush out all the excess nutrients, therefore, making your smoking experience pleasant and not having a foul taste.

 flushing your plants with water

Growing cannabis is a fulfilling task, and getting it right is key. Getting the harvest right will ensure a higher bud quality. A cannabis plant is comprised of many chemicals, but it's the color of the Trichome resin buds that you need to pay attention too. THC of the plant is determined by this it can be hard to see with just your naked eye.

 It would be prudent to get a magnifying glass that can help you see the bud. With a magnifying glass, you will be able to see more in detail and be able to determine if it is time to harvest.

 Magnifying glass  help you see the bud

When the trichomes are milky white, it indicates a more heady and energetic type high. When they’re amber, it’s more of a couch lock type high. So it’s not necessarily the ‘best time’ to harvest, rather the strain that you are growing and accordingly harvesting it at the right time. Those with Sativa-dom plants are looking at a more milky trichrome and those with Indica-Dom plants are looking for more amber trichrome. We suggest harvesting your plants when see between 20-40% amber trichomes. {Ultimate harvest time depends on what strain you are using!}


Being patient and giving the plant time to dry is important! Give your plants the proper attention they deserve. 

Start by keeping the room well ventilated and there is adequate air. Well placed fans will help your grow room be well ventilated and good air exchange. It's not enough to just put in fans though, you will also need to control the humidity of the room and getting humidifiers will ensure that you have you grow space regulated and the dying of your cannabis plant is enhanced. 

Giving the plant time to dry

We suggest keeping the plants at a humidity level that ranges from 45 - 55%, with an optimal level being at about 50%. Now you are ready to hang your plants !

To be honest, there is no exact time frame for this, but we have seen better results when the plant is left like this for about 5 days. Remember that this process will greatly affect your bud quality in a good way! Just to be sure, four days into the drying phase, you can try to cut some buds as a sample just to see the difference!


The proper curing process may be quite a cumbersome task, but the rewards are so fulfilling! Curing is needed to get that smooth and flavorful smoke. You can the same potency as a top-shelf cannabis plant if you cure your cannabis! Not only will you see a great smoking experience, but it will also increase the shelf-life! It goes a step further and helps you to minimize the number of molds you might have. Imagine having your buds last for more than a year without losing its potency and strength. Sounds great right? 

Let us show you how you can perfect your curing process with some guidelines. 

Firstly, Start by controlling your light and the heat. We would suggest putting your buds in a jar and keep it in a dark location away from the light. This is to make sure that overexposure of light does not affect the THC potency. Having too much heat as well can reduce the potency of your buds, so to protect them store them in a cool environment and make sure that the average temperature is about 20 degrees. 

The proper curing process cumbersome task

Finally, remember how we told that that the humidity should be about 45–55% in the drying phase? Well, that is going to change now that it is in the curing stage. We suggest upping the humidity to 62% to ensure that your bud is not too moist or too dry. You can use a Humidity Regulator to ensure a steady humidity level!

Make you sure you keep checking in to make sure they are done right! After about 3 weeks, your buds will be well cured and ready to smoke. If you want to take it a step further, we suggest being a little more patient and wait up 3 months before you smoke. This will greatly increase the quality of your smoke and make it a memorable experience!


So get out there and harvest the right way. Don’t let anything influence your results. Remember that you and only you can control the outcome! The attention you give your plants will definitely influence your bud quality and smoking experience. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Let’s help future growers succeed together. Join the  Indoor Growing Movement! 


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