Advanced Nutrients Bud Potency & Stalk Strengthener

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Discover Advanced Nutrients Bud Potency & Stalk Strengthener, 4L


For High Value Gardening, Use This Premium Formula To Maximize The Size And Quality Of Your Buds.

In your relentless quest for larger buds that are worth more to you and your associates, you now have a formula called Nirvana. When you look at what Nirvana has In it, and how these work for you, that’s why Nirvana is the number one choice of growers seeking a way to maximize yield and quality.

There’s a superstar list of ingredients on board for you, including alfalfa meal that enhances growth and yield in your hydroponics plants. Alfalfa is particularly important if you’ve invested money in C02 for your grow room; it gives you more rapid intake of C02, more vigorous growth, and maximum yields.


Give your plants Rhino Skin to increase the rigidity of the cell walls making your plants stalks more rigid. Provides the Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and secondary minerals necessary for the types of plants we grow to THRIVE during the all-important vegetative phase.


Your B Vitamin Formula Includes Plant Nutrition for Higher Yields

Compounded with the B vitamins mentioned above, B-52 contains humates and other sources of plant nutrition that are more easily absorbed by your plants because they are administered with B vitamins. And these substances aid the transference of B vitamins into your plants.


Using Bud Factor X, growers can avoid falling victim to reliance on chemical controls such as sulphur that significantly reduce the qualities such as flavor and aroma in the harvest.

• Triggers plants to maximize their ability to produce essential oils and resins.

• Provides nutrition for beneficial microbes in the root zone.

• Increases the value of crops grown for their essential oil contents, giving maximum yield of the desired active compounds.

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