Green Gold Clay Pellets (LECA) 50 Liter 9 - 16mm

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Discover the Green Gold Clay Pellets (LECA) 50 Liter 9 - 16mm

Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate.
Green Gold Leca is a unique, lightweight expanded clay aggregate.
Green Gold Leca is ecologically sustainable as it is derived from a replenishable source, clay.

Clay Pellets (LECA)...

- Clay is mined, formed into pellets and fired at high temperatures to cause the clay to expand into lightweight balls that are porous but do not float like perlite.
- Clay naturally has balanced capillary action to accelerate plant growth with an ideal surface for root structures and beneficial bacterias.
- Green Gold Leca drains freely, is pH adjusted, free of harmful heavy metals and inert.
- Each batch is tested before bagging to ensure highest quality.
- You can use Green Gold Leca as a top dressing for moisture retention in outdoor landscapes as well as mixing in with container gardens to increase aeration and drainage.
- For best use, rinse before planting.

Package includes

1x Green Gold Clay Pellets (LECA) 50 Liter 9 - 16mm

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