TurboKlone Elite E144D w/ Humidity Dome (144 site) Aeroponic Cloning System

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Discover the TurboKlone elite E144D klone machine with dome

The TurboKlone Elite 144 is currently the largest self-cooled Cloning System on the market. With 144 clone sites, it is everything you need to propagate clones in your large-scale or commercial growing environment. We’ve taken our widely respected Black Label T144 unit and made it even better.

The revolution continues with the even larger yet E144. Yep! We said 144. All the great features you've come to love - but now in a larger system for ultimate growers.

The TurboKlone gives you a stronger, longer-lasting product thanks to its smart design and use of innovative technology. IT'S JUST SO COOL!
The fan system provides constant oxygen to the growing chamber and, most importantly, combats high temperatures by circulating cool air throughout the unit. The innovative fan system fits like a glove on the side of the reservoir—keeping the unit free from dangling parts and tangling cords like other systems on the market.

While other cloning machines are designed with straight lines and angles that resemble storage containers and planter boxes, the TurboKlone has sleek, rounded edges and curved walls that give it greater strength and resilience from external and internal forces. And those curves aren't just for good looks! Its sleek, rounded design makes cleaning the TurboKlone a breeze! You don't have to worry about bacteria hanging around in tight corners.

Why settle for less when you can have more. Klone sites that is! TurboKlone's T144 gives you 144 clone sites—60% more than other systems on the market. The best part? You get more sites without taking up more space!

Detailed description

  • Dimensions : 46 x 21 x 17
  • Weight : 123,91 pounds
  • Reservoir capacity : 11,50 gallons
  • Pump : 650 gph
  • Fan : 4,800 rpm
  • Electricity : 120 v

Package includes

1x TurboKlone elite 144 klone machine with dome

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