Grotek Mega Pack Nutrients Kit

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Discover the Grotek Mega Pack Nutrients Kit

The Grotek Mega Pack™ is the all-in-one kit you’ve been waiting for. This high-powered kit contains all of our best products so that you can experience Grotek’s monster yield program. Our easy-to-use feed chart will simplify your growing needs. 

Solo-tek Grow™ 1L (X1) 
Solo-tek Bloom™ 1L (X1) 
Monster Grow™ Pro 20g (X1) 
Bud Fuel™ Pro 1L (X1) 
Heavy Bud™ Pro 1L (X1)
Vitamax™ Pro 1L (X1) 
Monster Bloom™ 130g (X1) 
Blossom Blaster™ Pro 125mL (X2) 
Product Guide (X1) 

Grotek’s complete Mega Pack contains the nutrients you need to improve soil conditions and grow an amazing crop. Solo-Tek Grow and Bloom provide base nutrition to support rapid growth and strong flower development. Monster Grow Pro enchances vegetative growth in preparation for the world renowned Monster Bloom, which creates large, dense floral clusters. The carefully selected fertilizers further increase bud development and support resin and essential oil production, resulting in a harvest to be proud of. Bring the pro to your grow with Grotek’s Mega Pack.

Follow the feed chart and consult product pages to achieve amazing, high-quality yields from Grotek’s comprehensive Mega Pack.

Application Rate + Safety Data Sheets: See individual product pages for details.

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