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The True One Part Nutrient!

MANTIS Buffered Nutrients is a medical-grade ALL-IN-ONE pH buffered plant nutrient concentrate, specifically designed. It replaces labour intensive plant nutrition regimens, eliminating the need for pH adjustment in a single effective and convenient product.

Our concentrate delivers the optimal ratio of macronutrients to your plants throughout the entire life cycle, in addition to maintaining a stable pH (within 5.2- 6.2; the most suitable for effective nutrient availability and uptake in plants).

Perfect for Soil, Coco, Drain-To-Waste (DTW) and Deep Water Culture (DWC).




One product from start to finish. We recommend using 5mL of MANTIS™ Buffered Nutrients in every 1L of water you feed your plants. Our competitors require numerous products to achieve similar results.

pH Buffered

pH Buffered

Never worry about pH monitoring again. Our inert pH buffer remains stable throughout the entire life cycle of the plant. This allows for constant nutrient availability and optimal growth and development.

Medical Grade

Medical Grade

Proudly Made in Canada, only the highest quality components are used in the manufacturing of MANTIS™ Buffered Nutrients. Health Canada and CFIA approved for your peace of mind and safety.

Medical Grade

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This

Many fertilization regimens under-appreciate micro-nutrients and overuse nitrogen. MANTIS Buffered Nutrients provides a full range of micronutrients and lower nitrogen levels. This, coupled with the ideal pH, results in maximum potential plant development. Being 200x concentrated, once properly diluted our 1L bottle will yield 200L of nutrients solution for your crop.

Most competitors' products are only 2x concentrated and do not boast the easy of use of our all-in-one buffered nutrient blend; requiring exponentially more chemicals. The environmental impact comparison is substantial. A single 1L bottle compared to up to 10 bottles of varying shapes and sizes.

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