Trimpro Unplugged
CAD$ 570In stock
Pro Cut Pro-Cut Fast in Canada - IndoorGrowingCanada
CAD$ 1,090In stock
Trimpro Rotor
From CAD$ 1,679.95In stock
Save 5%
Tumbletrimmer Manual in Canada - IndoorGrowingCanada
CAD$ 293.99 CAD$ 308.99Sold out
Trimpro Trimbox
CAD$ 780In stock
Save 15%
CenturionPro Tabletop Pro
CAD$ 4,594.95 CAD$ 5,431.24In stock
Trimpro Rotor Workstation Combo
CAD$ 1,929.99In stock
Trimpro Bucker with Stand inclued
Save 8%
Pro Cut Pro-Cut Dry Mini in Canada - IndoorGrowingCanada
CAD$ 2,774.99 CAD$ 2,999.99Sold out
Save 5%
Tumbletrimmer Electrical in Canada - IndoorGrowingCanada
CAD$ 597.99 CAD$ 628.99Sold out
Save 7%
Pro Cut Pro-Cut Ultra in Canada - IndoorGrowingCanada
CAD$ 601.99 CAD$ 649.99In stock
Save 7%
CenturionPro The Mini
CAD$ 8,434.99 CAD$ 9,118.74Sold out
Trimpro DRYPRO Trimmer
CAD$ 4,859.95In stock
CAD$ 1,100Sold out
Save 5%
Trimpro Original Silence Large with Slot 1/2 - 1/2
CAD$ 1,994.99 CAD$ 2,099.99Sold out
Save 5%
Trimpro Rotor XL Workstation Combo
CAD$ 8,165.99 CAD$ 8,594.99In stock
Twister T4 DRY Trimmer Narrow (DRY)
Save 7%
Pro Cut Pro-Cut Leaf Trimmer in Canada - IndoorGrowingCanada
CAD$ 508.99 CAD$ 549.99In stock
Save 8%
Pro Cut Pro-Cut Dry in Canada - IndoorGrowingCanada
CAD$ 4,624.99 CAD$ 4,999.99In stock
Save 7%
CenturionPro The Silver Bullet
CAD$ 11,557.49 CAD$ 12,493.74In stock
Save 7%
CenturionPro The Gladiator
CAD$ 17,338.74 CAD$ 18,743.74In stock
Save 5%
CenturionPro The Original
CAD$ 8,994.95 CAD$ 9,495In stock
Trimpro Automatik XL
CAD$ 9,279.95In stock
Save 5%
Trimpro Trimbox Workstation Combo
CAD$ 1,021.99 CAD$ 1,074.99In stock
Save 5%
Trimpro Original Workstation Combo
CAD$ 2,089.99 CAD$ 2,199.99In stock
Trimpro Automatik
CAD$ 3,465.95In stock

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