Are stiffer and softer CannaBrushes available?

Not yet. If you'd like to be kept informed about their release sign up to the newsletter.


Does the brush come with a warranty?

We've put the brushes through a great deal of trimming and they last a good long time. If a brush comes to you defective we're happy to look into it and replace it. That said there's a lot of goofing around in every trim space which can result in a damaged brush. Namely pulling on the paddles. If you pull on the paddles they'll pop out. Getting them back in, even with soap, is a huge pain in the #*$&%. If you pull out the paddles we won't warranty the brush. Reach out with questions about this.


Is the CannaBrush faster than scissor trimming?

Yes on all fronts but bear a few things in mind. You still need scissors when using a brush to cut stalks and do a little finish work. It's minimal but worth noting. Depending on your strain and bud density trimming with a brush is much faster. Your technique will determine how fast, but we've witnessed 2x to 5x faster.


How long does it take to get good at brush trimming?

Not too long. You'll have to adjust your practices a bunch. It's very different. In our opinions it's also just more fun to brush :)


How long does a brush last?

We literally have yet to actually wear one out. The only way we've seen trimmers have to replace one to date is by pulling the paddles out to "clean" one. Ie the're some gunk on the tips, you pull on a paddle, annnnd it pops out. Good luck getting it back in.


Should I pull on the paddles to get gunk off the tips?

DO NOT pull on the paddles! Great way to bust a brush. Clean with isopropyl alcohol. Comes right off without any pulling.


Why is the handle so long?

The handle serves as a counterweight when brushing which feels a lot better in the hand. It also takes less force to paddle. We did a lot of testing. Everyone liked the heftier handle.


Why this particular length of paddles?

The longer the paddle the less precise the paddlin'. Longer lengths resulted in floppier, more erratic contact on the bud. We wanted to diminish contact as much as possible to protect the bud when choosing ideal paddle length.


Don't the paddles damage the trichomes?

Of course. Any contact with trichomes damages trichomes. That said, the paddles are resin resistant and brush past in a less damaging way than fingers rotating a bud with scissor trimming. So the answer is *less* than typical scissor trimming. Again if you are surgically trimming with scissors for the Cannabis Cup then use scissors. If you're wanting to produce any kind of volume use a brush.