Extraction services and consulting
Extraction services and consulting

Looking for solventless cannabis extraction advice, turnkey service, architectural plans, or practical training and much more? Indoor Growing Canada in partnership with an expert are here to help. Whether you are looking to start an operation but don't know where to start, or you are already up and running but want to significantly improve your profitability, efficiency and product list, we can assist in completing these goals.

Our services include:

  • On-site and/or video training for all types of extracts and solventless products
  • Mobile extraction services for license holders
  • Site planning and laboratory design
  • Workflow Efficiency Analysis
  • Standard Operational Procedure
  • Equipment supplies and installation
  • General consulting

Solventless Extraction

With our specialized training and extraction technology your company can jumpstart the process into creating top shelf concentrate products. Our expert hash and rosin manufacturing consultants understand exactly what it takes to help you make quality products. Start producing some of the highest monetary value concentrates on the market like full melt ice water hash, live rosin, THCA isolates, topical rosin, edible rosin, and more! These products are true connoisseur quality concentrates that require specialized training to produce and we will help you every step of the way. High-end solventless concentrates are among the highest sought after prestige brand builders that keep customers coming back.

Solventless cannabis extraction training & mobile extraction - options:

Video training using real biomass

  • Basic Training of the Hash (Dried biomass)
  • Basic Rosin Training
  • Advanced Hash Training (Fresh frozen)
  • Advanced RosinTraining (Advanced and rare solventless products)

*1-year subscription

On-site training with your biomass

  • Hash and Rosin from A to Z

Mobile extraction services for license holders (contact us for a quote)

Site and Laboratory Design

When building a business around concentrates, where do you begin if you don’t know where to start? Over the last few years we have perfected methods and techniques in a cannabis extraction lab that can set any business up for success. Modern cannabis processing operations require spaces that are both highly efficient and meet Health Canada's regulations down to the smallest details. Let our team of experts help you start doing it the right way. Properly planning your treatment space can make all the difference and is one of the most important investments you can make in your business. We work with businesses starting from 150 square feet to over 10,000 square feet, and our team excels at creating a space that meets your current goals while using equipment that is fully scalable as your business needs evolve. We'll walk you step by step through every aspect of the construction document design process!

Planning option:

  • Laboratory design and plan

Workflow efficiency guidelines are included in the package cost

Workflow Efficiency Analysis

Operating at a level below maximum efficiency means wasted time and lost revenue. If you are worried that your extraction operation is not operating to its full potential, don't wait to allow us to help you make critical adjustments that can make a difference immediately. We carefully analyze all aspects of your extraction efforts to help you identify inefficiencies and create new areas of opportunity. Not only does efficiency help reduce unnecessary overhead, but most importantly, it creates a higher return on investment! Our partner specializes in laboratory configurations that maximize efficiency and profitability while not compromising on quality. We take a station-by-station approach to ensure that every element of your lab is used to its full potential. Whether you have an existing lab and want an efficacy assessment or are just starting to build your new lab, our partner provides detailed solutions for all aspects of your workflow and processing needs!

Workflow efficiency analysis option:

  • Workflow efficiency analysis

*This service is included in our site planning and lab design packages at no additional cost

Standard Operational Procedures

Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) compliances can often be intimidating. Getting off to a good start with your SOPs can make all the difference in getting the green light from Health Canada, so let our partner' ready-made SOP launch sets do the heavy lifting for you. Our launch sets give you step by step instructions that detail the processes of your laboratory instead of having to start from a blank document. By purchasing our partner SOP launch set you can avoid the tedious work of describing each step of the solventless extraction process. When you add up the time it takes to write SOP compliance documents from scratch, it will swiftly become clear how much these sets offer real cost and time savings! Each SOP launch set specific to the extraction process can be quickly transformed into a compliant SOP thanks to our expertly written instructions. Our partner customized documents detail all types of individual extraction processes, including multiple aspects of solventless treatment where a high level of detailed logging is required to satisfy local regulatory bodies. Designed to promote R&D as well as encourage study of learning processes for extraction, these sets contain an incredibly rich level of information that your team can digest. With these launch packages, your extraction manager can quickly begin creating regulation-compliant SOP practices that work with Health Canada's requirements.

Standard operational procedures options:

  • Ice Water Hash
  • Freeze Dryer
  • Sifts
  • All Rosin
  • Installation of equipment
  • Washing
  • Filtering
  • Post-processing
  • Maintenance / Cleaning
  • Parameters / Variables
  • Collection
  • Maintains
  • Pressing techniques
  • Techniques

Equipment Supplies and Installation

When it comes to extracting cannabis without the use of solvents, it is not always easy to choose the right tools and equipment to build an operation that operates with maximum efficiency. From installation specifications to cleaning, and everything in between, our team of experts are here to make sure you have the best equipment for your business and goals. Without careful consideration and industry knowledge, purchasing equipment that doesn’t fit an optimal and efficient setup can result in a huge waste of time and money. We know virtually every manufacturer of cannabis processing equipment in the industry and can help find exactly what our customers need. Let us help you take your treatment goals and turn them into reality with our professional equipment specifications and custom equipment listing services. We can also take the guesswork out of installation with services that include comprehensive monitoring of all equipment installations and training packages to maximize your return on investment. Our partner offers high-performance custom extraction equipment. If the market does not offer it, our partner does!

Equipement supplies, sales and installation options:

  • List of standard equipment
  • Installation of standard equipment
  • List of custom equipment from our partner
  • Installation of custom equipment

Installation support included at no additional cost with all on-site training sets with purchase of equipment

General Consulting

General consulting options: