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Did you know?

Health Canada has reported 85% of first-time applications get rejected as “incomplete".

Obtain your Micro Cultivation Licence using our exhaustive and proven Standard Operating Procedures Kit.

At IGC, our goal is to make the legal cannabis market accessible to new producers by simplifying the process and make it easy to obtain a production license at a reasonable cost.

IGC provides professional licensing consulting services to new cannabis micro producers and micro processors across Canada. Our team of experts will work with you throughout the process to assess your project's potential, revenue optimization, choice of production model, security (cameras, monitoring, licensing procedures, security action plans), plant location (municipal and zoning bylaws, budgeting and facility planning) and cannabis production best practices (reporting, standard operating procedures).

We are associated with a clone producer who can provide you with the best genetics on the market. We can guide you in the choice of your cultivars which will make your reputation.

We also offer consulting services for solventless extraction services, training, R&D for the development of a solventless product line, laboratory set-up, rosin presses and all the SOPs.

Our approach is unique.
You can choose an à la carte approach or opt for a complete service plan covering all steps.

Micro Cultivation License overview

A Micro Cultivation License allows you to grow cannabis on a small scale (200 m2 / 2152 sqft canopy or less).

Micro Growing is generally more profitable: batches can be produced at significantly lower costs than large-scale production. Micro Growing can be adapted to almost any space, is more cost effective to implement, and requires minimal human resources as batches are smaller size and can be managed by a couple employees. This allows for a better quality product as more care and attention is afforded to each plant and crop.

When submitting your cannabis license application to Health Canada, you must include a detailed list and description of your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These SOPs are then integrated into the required GPP and Organizational Security Plans.

Gaps in your application will result in Health Canada issuing an Intent to Refuse (ITR) which further delays the progression of your application by up to 30 days. Our SOPs and application package have been developed and vetted by actual licensed producers. They have gone through several application reviews without issue, multiple Health Canada inspections too, and they are currently supporting licensed cannabis operations throughout Canada.

Safe to say that our SOPs have been put to the real world test and proven to meet all the applicable requirements, minimize ITRs (Intent To Refuse) and avoid further delays. So you can focus on what you need to be doing to get your site ready for operation.

You can also have peace of mind in knowing that once licensed you have all the necessary components to stay compliant with documentation and record keeping requirements.

Courtesy of Sam, CEO & Matser Grower at @micro_crops

Indoor Growing Canada in partnership with the micro licensed producer Micro Crops, have developed exhaustive SOPs that will facilitate and expedite your application process.

Our services include:

1. SOPs Kit: "In addition to your application materials, we also provide you with complete SOP templates." / "DIY SOP Kit".
Fully customizable and easy to adapt to your project. Do it yourself or leave it to our professionals.

2. SOPs Package + Support: "We work with you to produce SOPs tailored to your facility and your business".

3. General Consulting: Business Plan Validation, Revenue Optimization, Layout Optimization, Equipment Selection, Pitfalls to Avoid in the Cannabis Business, Selection of Strains, Security Plan, Cannabis Insurance, Solventless Extraction, White Labelling Packaging Service.

4. Micro-processing SOPs: Get your processing and/or extraction license with our complete and professional SOPS.

5. Sales and Distribution SOPs: Obtain your sales and distribution license allowing you to market your products.

6. Key Personnel CTLS Profiles: Need a Master Grower? Need a QAP? Or just need someone with security clearance to QA your site's operations? IGC will support you every step of the way. You have a need, we have the solution.

Why Work With Us?

First of all, because we are a team of passionate people and we have put forward effective solutions for all types of budgets.

IGC has a vast network of partners across Canada to offer you a personalized service according to your needs. No matter the size of your project, we will be able to accompany you every step of the way. Planning your project is a crucial step. Our commitment to our customers is to provide an accurate estimate and professional guidance throughout your project.

• GPP (Good Production Practices)
• CTLS (Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System)
• OSP (Organizational security plan)
• Security clearance: RCMP background check showing that key personnel have no criminal record.
• Site proof / Package evidence: Video demonstrating that your site is fully compliant with Health Canada regulations.
• Start-up Materials: Clone or seed to start operating.
• Post License Consulting: Master Grower, QAP, and security consulting.
• Facility and room design, layout, equipment specification and sizing
• We provide access to industry experts that can also assume the role of various key personnel positions (i.e. master grower, QAP etc.)
• Sale of equipment and products