4 Plant DWC kit w/ Hydrobucket

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There are numerous benefits of hydroponic gardening, its practice can yield excellent results in short span of time with relative ease. It is extremely beneficial for commercial farmers and home gardeners alike.

Hydroponics are up to ninety percent more efficient in the use of water. Another advantage is that plant production increases three to ten times in the same amount of space.

Many crops can be produced twice as fast in a well managed hydroponic system, decreasing the time between harvest and consumption.

With this all in one complete kit, you will be able to set up a Deep Water Culture system in less than 15 minutes!

The Included Rockwool cubes make the germination process and transfer to the system much easier, don't run the risk of crushing your seedling in the clay pebbles!

The Hydrobuckets allow you to access the nutrient solution without moving the plant, making water changes and monitoring extremely convenient. The purposefully designed side reservoir is perfect for testing pH and EC/ppm, transferring fluid, inspecting roots and interior.

No more lifting heavy plants and dripping root masses!

A revolutionary and convenient addition to your deep water culture garden.
Covers for the side reservoir are included with each Hydrobucket

Gives you easy access for all your growing needs:

  • Nutrient Solution
  • Test pH and EC/ppm transfer fluid
  • Inspect roots and interior
  • Increased reservoir volume
  • Unrestricted access to airstones

This kit includes:

  • 4x Hydrobucket
  • 4x Net Pot 6"
  • 1x EcoPlusAir Pump 4 Outlet - 6.5 Watt 253 GPH
  • 4x EcoPlus Medium Round Air Stone
  • 16ft of 6mm Pipe
  • 8L of Clay Pebbles
  • 4x Grodan Macroplugs (Rockwool cubes)

The Hydrobuckets are made in Canada

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