Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Spreader Large

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Discover the Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Spreader Large.

The Enforcer Super Spreader is simple, yet it is an incredibly effective tool. There is a common misconception that the Super Spreader blocks light.

The Super Spreader does exactly the opposite – it creates a wider more even light spread, removing hot spots and cold corners.
The Super Spreader lets the user place the light closer to the plant canopy in order to maximise the use of power.

The Enforcer Spreader Large.
- reduces heat at plant level by at least 5oC
- increase your yield with less lights and let you grow right through summer

Detailed description :
- aluminium surface that reflects and redirects light
- work with both the Enforcer and Avenger models
- available sizes Medium & Large

Package includes
1x Enforcer Super Spreader Large

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