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Atami B-Cuzz Root 0-0-0.7 are necessary to the plant to provide a continuous supply of water, sugars, and mineral nutrients.
The larger root system, the more dynamically the plant can function and grow.
B-Cuzz Root Stimulator will initiate an explosive root production. B-Cuzz Root Stimulant solutions can be best used in cloning systems, and for young plants, cuttings, or seedlings.

With each reservoir change add to fresh nutrient solution until strong roots are evident at the rate suggested in the B’cuzz Feeding Program. (1ml per litre equals 3/4 teaspoon per gallon)

Water daily with a solution mixed at the rate of one ml per litre (3/4 teaspoon per gallon) until strong roots are evident.
Use in addition to regular nutrition. Avoid the use of synthetic additives while using B’cuzz.
For best results use with B'cuzz Foliar Nutrient as part of the complete B'cuzz Feeding Program.

Detailed description
- Nitrogen 0%
- Phosphate 0%
- Potash 0.7%
- Available sizes 355ML, 946ML, 3.79L, 10L

Package includes
1x B-Cuzz Root 355ML

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