Bun Hygro Temp/RH Monitoring System

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Discover Bun Hygro Temp/RH Monitoring System

Bun hygro by Loggerflex

“bun hygro” is a temperature (TEMP) and relative humidity (RH) recorder-alarm. It is powered by an ultra-long life battery and connects directly to Wi-Fi. More than an accurate meter and a reliable logger, “bun hygro” is also a cloud-based alarm system with email and SMS notifications.

Text message (SMS) & Email alarm

If temp or RH exceed or fall below defined limit, “bun” sends out text message (SMS) and email notification. If “bun” does not succeed in uploading the readouts in the designated intervals for any reason, user will be notified via Email.

Wireless easy installation

“bun hygro” connects to the Wi-Fi directly and does not require any special gateway or radio receiver. It is powered by an internal ultra long-life battery. This way it saves a lot time and trouble for wiring.


No wire at all

All measurements are automatically stored in internal memory ans sync with EEMS cloud application via your Wi-Fi router. To access your data you don’t need to connect your ”bun hygro” to a computer or phone. You can just simply log in to your account from any where and extract any report you need in few seconds.

Will keep you posted 24/7

With ”bun Hygro”, you can be sure that your facilities are monitored for fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity. ”bun hygro” keeps you record of temperature and RH 24/7 and pushs notifications to you immidiately via text message and email if any variation from acceptable range detected.

Has been designed for real world

Unlike many measurement instrumnts, ”bun hygro” is not a vulnerable gadget. We know your job is tough and bun needs to be strong to be a good companion. Its sturdy enclosure protects it from impacts and physical damages. “bun hygro” also benefits from IP54 dust and water resistant enclosure.

Simplicity is our philosophy

We are here to help you with your problems, not replace them with new concerns! So we made it very simple both for setup and use. ”bun hygro” is completely maintenance free, powered up with ultra-long life battery and connect to your Wi-Fi. You do not need a professional installer, it only takes couple of minutes.


  • Sturdy, water resist encloser
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection
  • Ultra long-life battery
  • -5 °C to +70 °C (25 to 160 °F)
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