CARENCE MIX Mineral 0-1-5 Organic Fertilizer

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MIX Mineral is a blend of all-natural mineral ingredients that effectively increase the soil fertility potential.

Contains micronutrients and essential trace elements that will enrich an organic soil made from peat moss.

Keeps its soil longer without affecting quality.

Reduces leaching, increases CEC, optimizes nutrient uptake, improves texture and optimizes soil ion balance.


Ingredients: basalt, mica, Montmorillonite green clay, steatite, oceanic glacial moraine, leonardite (humic acids) and omri potassium sulfate.

Minimum analysis guaranteed:
Phosphorus 1%.
5% Potassium
3% Magnesium
Iron 2% of the total
Boron 27ppm
Copper 30ppm
Manganese 385ppm
Zinc 50ppm

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