CenturionPro Mini Wet & Dry Bud Trimmer

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The Centurion Mini Pro is a powerhouse in a small package and is one of the most sought-after machines on the market.
Don’t be fooled by the name, this miniature version of the original, packs quite the punch.
Sitting at a 25" in length X 10" wide X 24" high and only weighing 65lbs, the Mini Pro is built for medium sized operations.
All Centurion Pro Trimmers have the versatility to trim both wet or dry flowers - all with a simple change of the tumbler.

The Mini...
- Durability
- Hardened steel, 11 Blade cutting reel
- Rugged, stainless steel tumbler
- 40% greater trichome presrvation
- More cutting power
- High processing capacity
- Extra large hooper
- Finely tuned diverter
- Double bag system
- For more information : https://cprosolutions.com/downloads/Minimanual.pdf

Detailed description
- Input Voltage : 6Amp - 110V NA / 3Amp - 220V EU/AUS
- Dimensions : 25" x 10" x 35"
- Weight : 65lbs
- Tumbler Diameter : 6.5"
- Tumbler Length : 27"
- Number of Tumblers : x1
- Human Trimmer Replacement : 15-20 people
- Processing Capability : Dry: 12-16 lbs/hr, Wet: 60-80 lbs/hr
- Cuts Per Minute : 25,000
- Input Voltage : 14Amp - 110V NA / 7Amp - 220V EU/AUS
- Dimensions : 19" x 19" x 16"
- Weight : 60lbs
- Horse Power : 1.5 hp
- Airflow Capacity : 2000 CFM

Package includes
1x CenturionPro The Mini
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