Dutch Nutrient Formula DNF Black

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Dutch Nutrient Formula DNF Black

In the hydroponics industry it is known that if a label has the word black in it somewhere, it most likely contains humic acid.
Known for its rich dark brown to black colour, products containing humic acid do not require any dyes or additives.
Humic acid has many natural benefits and has been used for hundreds of years as a powerful free-radical scavenger and a natural anti-oxidant.
The acids assist roots by increasing soil permeability, increasing water retention, reducing water evaporation, and promoting the growth of beneficial microbial colonies in the root zone.

DNF Black...
- enhance the flavour of fruits and vegetables and improve the colour
- used weekly to increase the permeate ability of important nutrients
- encourage beneficial bacteria and fungi reproduction to biologically stimulate plant growth
- promote vigor, disease resistance and root developmen
- faster growth

Detailed description
- Nitrogen 1%
- Phosphate 1%
- Potash 2%
- Available sizes 1L, 4L, 10L
- Quick Reference Dilution Rate :
1. > Plant Stage : Week 1 established rooted plants (Reservoir EC 1000 / Reservoir PPM 500 to 700)
> Metric : 2.5 per Liter
> Imperial : 2 Teaspoons per Gallon
2. Plant Stage : Week 2 GROW (Reservoir EC 2000 / Reservoir PPM 1000 to 1400)
> Metric : 2.5 per Liter
> Imperial : 2 Teaspoons per Gallon
3. > Plant Stage : Week 1 to 7 BLOOM (Reservoir EC 2000 / Reservoir PPM 1000 to 1400)
> Metric : 2.5 per Liter
> Imperial : 2 Teaspoons per Gallon
- In soil or soil less mix use at double the recommended hydroponic strength
- Tip : Add all nutrients and additives then adjust pH, EC, PPM
- For more informations CLICK HERE -> Dutch Nutrient Feeding Guide

Package includes
1x DNF Black

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