Emperor Lighting DE 1000W KIT

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Discover the Emperor Lighting DE 1000W fixture 120 / 240V KIT

- Electronic Ballast -

Our Electronic ballasts are designed to power our double ended lamps at precisely the right frequency and power for optimal and stable output, and a long light maintenance.
Our cast Aluminum body design with Super white electroluminescent baked paint ensures optimum thermo regulation keeping the electronics much cooler allowing for longer ballast reliability.
The complete fixture integration of ballast and reflector results in a compact fixture resulting in low EMI.

- Reflector -

The Emperor DE reflectors are made from the absolute highest quality Alanod German Miro 4 anodized aluminum.
The aluminum is >95% reflective and diffuses the light to penetrate deeper into the plant canopy.
Our reflectors are thicker, brighter, and last longer than competitors.
The industry's only 3 way adjustable reflector puts more light on your crop.
Customize the direction of light to suit your needs! No need for an additional reflector.

- Deep = : 90 degree beam angle
- Medium = 110 degree beam angle
- Wide = 145 degree beam angle

- Lamp -

The high voltage lamp technology results in a better efficiency of the arc tube: more light for the same power 10-25% more than traditional single ended lamps!
These lamps are made in the USA and offer the highest PAR light available at 2,100 µmols and a long life span with slow depreciation curve.
After 10,000 burning hours our lamps are still at a whopping 97% output rating saving you money on re-lamping.
No other Double Ended HPS lamp on the market has gone through the rigorous design and life testing standards like the EYE HORTILUX DE.
Thousands of hours of testing this lamp ensures you are receiving a quality and reliable lamp which will operate with consistent performance on any electronic ballasts.
EYE HORTILUX DE lamps are the only DE lamps designed and manufactured in the USA.

- Lamp Holder -

The Emperor DE comes with the VS K12x30s high temperature lamp holders.
Manufactured by Vossloh-Schwabe in Germany these are the safest in the market.
The last thing a grower wants is a fire in their expensive grow facility.

- Controllable output -

With the Emperor DE you can control output power with the dial found on the ballast allowing you to change your light for different circumstances or growth phases. Choose between 600w, 750w, 825w, 1000w or 1150w settings.

Package includes

1x KIT Emperor Lighting DE 1000W fixture 120 / 240V

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