FloraFlex Complete PotPro System w/ Micro Drippers - 4 Pot - 5 Gal


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Complete FloraFlex PotPro System /w 5 Gallon Pots and Drain Platforms

We understand that building your own system from scratch can be quite a daunting task, with this complete FloraFlex system, you don't have to worry about which part you need or how many, just put it together and start growing!

With this kit, you no longer have to worry about standing water in your trays, it is automatically collected by the PotPro Platforms to a drain of your choice.

This kit includes:

4x FloraFlex Pot Pro 5 Gallon Bucket

4x FloraFlex Platform Pot Pro
1x FloraFlex Platform Drainage Tee
4x FloraFlex Platform Elbow
1x FloraFlex Platform Drainage 4-Way
2x FloraFlex Platform Link 2ft
4x FloraFlex Platform Link 1ft
2x FloraFlex Pipe Fitting 16-17mm w/ End Cap
4x FloraFlex 2 Way Micro Dripper 36"
1x FloraFlex Double Layer Tubing 16-17mm 10ft
1x EcoPlus Adjustable Water Pump ECO 370 GPH

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