General Hydroponics KoolBloom (2-45-28)

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Discover the General Hydroponics KoolBloom Nutrient

General Hydroponics KoolBloom Nutrient is superior plant supplements that will substantially improve crop production and increase the weight of your yields.

Liquid KoolBloom is used early and continually builds up flower production. Dry KoolBloom is used late in the bloom phase to increase weight, yield and to encourage rapid ripening. Dry KoolBloom provides an intense final push at the end of the plant's life cycle. Use Liquid Kool Bloom at the beginning to maximize the effect of Dry KoolBloom at the end. Start with liquid, finish with dry.

KoolBloom Dry...

- Flowering and Fruiting (MURISSEMENT)
- Use well advanced flowering phase (when buds change into flowers)
- Phosphorus and potassium

Detailed description of General Hydroponics KoolBloom Nutrient

- Nitrogen 2%
- Phosphate 45%
- Potash 28%
- Available sizes 1kg, 7.26kg

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