Grow1 Drain Fitting 1" Tub Outlet

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Discover the Grow1 Drain Fitting 1" Tub Outlet 

1" fill/drain fitting. This is the fitting that is commonly used to transfer nutrient solution between the flood table and the reservoir in flood & drain hydroponic systems via 1" tubing and a pump.

Installation tips:

1. Always install bulkheads clean and dry, no silicone, teflon or thread lubricants. Silicone and lubricants cause the gasket to scoot out or not seal properly.

2. Before installing the bulkhead take a few minutes using a jewelers file, nail file or pocket knife and clean any excess flashing off both the male and female threads and from the flat gasket mating surfaces of the flange and nut. This is a common source of leaks.

3. Always install the gasket on the flange side of the bulkhead, never on the nut side, regardless if its inside or outside the tank. Installing the gasket next to the nut will lead to leaks as water travels along the threads around the gasket. Hand tighten only with maybe 1/4 to 1/2 turn additional, no more.

The hole size required is 34mm or 1.33", the actual diameter of these fittings is 35mm, but it's much safer to drill holes just under for a snug fit, and use a small file to adjust the hole in case it doesn't fit.
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