Grozone OSW 120 VCA On/Off Controller

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Discover the Grozone OSW 120 VCA On/Off Controller

OSW 120 VCA On/Off Controller...

- Can turn on or shut off any piece of equipment by mean of a low-current 120Vac sense cord.
- ON / OFF switching functions (upper / lower receptacles) in one single module for increased flexibility.

Detailed description
- Example use #1: to be used with CO2 controller to stop exhaust fan while injecting CO2
- Example use #2: to be used with any fan control to stop fogger or humidifier when fans are activated.
- Example use #3: to be used with air conditioning system to stop recirculation fans when cooling.
- ETL Listed
- Activate by a triggercord

Package includes

1x Grozone OSW 120 VCA On/Off Controller

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