House and Garden Van De Zwaan Multi Zen

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Successful cultivation begins with the proper functioning of enzymes.
Enzymes are superior proteins composed of amino acids having a function encoded in the genes.
The genetic code determines the operation and activity of the enzyme.
An enzyme is a kind of catalyst that accelerates chemical reactions without being consumed.
Without enzymes, certain chemical conversions can last a hundred million years, whereas with enzymes they are established in 20 milliseconds. The enzymes also release the energy contained in the treated substances.
Nutrients are converted to basic components, the waste is processed and reservations are made.

Zen Multi of House & Garden is a useful growth stimulator , rich in enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins.
Multi Zen accelerates and facilitates the growth process.
It helps break down the debris of dead roots and remove them when rinsing the substrate. It increases the resistance of the plant .
The enzymes convert the nutrient substances assimilated to the plant.

Each enzyme has an optimal value. It is this value that the enzymatic activity is highest.
If the circumstances in which the protein is too far from the optimal value, the structure can change abruptly, the activity may decrease and the protein losing its function.
Each grower has to monitor a number of factors.
Thus, the pH of the substrate must be neither too high nor too low.
The temperature of the place of culture and substrate are also essential for optimum effect.

Detailed description

- Manganese (Mn) chelated by DTPA soluble in water : 0.28%
- Use Multi Zen during the period of plant growth and at the time of rinsing the substrate to decompose and remove the debris of dead roots. Prepare your tray as follows. First add a basic fertilizer (eg. A & B soil, hydro, coco). Adjust the pH and EC of the tray. Add Multi Zyme last. Your container is ready for the first watering.
- Start Multi Zyme give your plants two weeks after planting. This is the period in which the plant must develop its defenses and feed to be more healthy and vigorous.
- Dosage: 1 liter to 1000 liters of water
- FERTILIZER NF U 42-002-2 Made in Holland by House & Garden
- Available sizes 1L, 5L, 20L

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1x House and Garden Van De Zwaan Multi Zen

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