House and Garden Van De Zwaan Soil B

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Discover the House and Garden Van De Zwaan Soil B

Soil B only.

House & Garden has applied this science to develop the basic fertilizer A & B.
The fertilizer Soil A & B of House & Garden is a basic fertilizer in a single composition.
Through the use of key components and higher liquid trace minerals, fertilizer works quickly and efficiently.
As A & B Soil fertilizer contains no waste substances, the soil structure is maintained.

Land and House & Garden fertilizer complement each other perfectly and thus ensure an optimal growth and flowering of the plant .
Fill the water tank up to two thirds. First add fertilizer A. Mix and add fertilizer B. Mix again.
Adjust the value EC: the start of culturing 1.2 and gradually to 2.0 (end of culture).
Adjust the acidity with pH- or pH +. completely fill the water tank. Add any root or flowering stimulators.
Your fertilizer is ready to use.

Efficient and Economical : On the effective composition, fertilizer Soil A & B is economical to use.
It does not acidify the soil and nutrients being liquid, soil structure is maintained or even improved.

Never add A & B simultaneously. You would get an incomplete fertilizer, deposition and fillings. Use pH and EC meters properly calibrated meters.

At planting time, although wet the soil around the plant and keep doing it until he took. Then let the soil dry out a bit so that the roots are themselves food and water. The plant should not be lazy.

Detailed description

- Total Nitrogen (N) : 2.2%
> which nitrate nitrogen (NO3) : 2.2%
- Potasium oxide (K2O) soluble in water : 2.2%
- Calcium (Ca) water soluble : 3.0%
- Dosage: 0.5 - 3 ml of A and B per liter of water.
- Available sizes 1L, 5L, 20L
- FERTILIZER NF U 42-004 Made in Holland by House & Garden

Package includes

1x House and Garden Van De Zwaan Soil B

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