Hydrologic Pre-Evolution Filter High Capacity

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Discover the Hydrologic Pre-Evolution Filter High Capacity

Pre-Evolution Filter High Capacity...

- Ensures your Evolution-RO1000 runs more efficiently
- Less filter changes and maintenance - every 7,500 gallons of purified water
- Cleanable sediment filter is re-usable
- Combination of KDF85 and KDF55 with earth-friendly catalytic carbon filter reduces chlorine, chloramines, iron, sulfur and heavy metals
- Great for city or well water
- Highly recommended when using more than 150 gallons of purified water per week average

Detailed description

- Dimensions (H x W x D): 18.5" x 17" x 9"
- Weight: 23.00 LBS
- For more informations : http://images.hydrologicsystems.com/HL-31027-PreEvolution-Manual.pdf

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