Sulfur Burner Greenhouse Vaporizer

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Sulfur Vaporizers (Burners) are the best overall remedy to the powdery mildew problem. It is what commercial greenhouses use for a very good reason - it works. Sulfur changes the pH on the leaf surface, making it unhospitable for plant growth. If you want the “final solution” to an infestation, than use a burner. They smell something awful (Sulfur is not safe to inhale. Do NOT enter the sulfur cloud) and create a huge amount of smoke when being burned.Use a Digital Timer in conjunction with the Sulfur Burner and your exhaust/inline fan(s); this will manage the Sulfur application and prevent exhaust fans from turning on while the Sulfur is being applied. Hooking the burner up to a timer is critical. We also recommend having the exhaust fan hooked up to another timer (turning on after the Sulfur burner has been turned off) to vent the room.

This burner is designed to heat to necessary temperature for vaporization (140°C) and will cover approximately 1,000 sq. ft.

Please Read Before Using:

  • 1 unit covers 1,000 square feet
  • Only perform treatments during the vegetative plant stage
  • Turn off all fans and ventilation during the treatment
  • Perform treatments at night
  • Evacuate the area during treatment
  • It is recommended to use this unit in conjunction with a timer so the process may be automated and the user can avoid exposure
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