Integra H62% Bulk 1gr (3500 / cs)

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Integra H62% Bulk 1gr (3500 / cs)

Master Bulk Pack comes with 3500 - 1g Humidiccants in 62%RH 3500 units total.

BULK - No Overwrap - No Humidity Indicator Cards.

Each 1g individual 2 way humidiccant is designed for use with up to 3.5g of product. Recommended use 62% RH for Curing.

Eliminate the Guessing Game
Integra Boost 2 way humidiccant uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 62% in a contained environment, with zero off gas.

Speed up and simplify the curing process
After your product leaves the drying room add 62% RH Integra Boost in the jar to speed up curing and virtually eliminate the burping process, Integra Boost 2 way humidiccants will keep your plants at 62% to cure the fastest and eliminate fluctuations in humidity that happens when not used causing extended curing times and the risk of mold or dry product that does not enter the curing stage at all.

Keep it Fresh
Maintain optimum humidity level to prevent:

  • Dry crispy product
  • Eliminates harsh taste
  • Mold from forming

Keep it Pure

  • Does not alter the smell
  • Preserves quality
  • Maintains and improves flavor


  • Salt-Free solution, designed specifically for the industry
  • Get the most from your product, maintains constant weight
  • Keep it fresh, keep it pure. Produces zero off gas
  • These Boost Packs will not alter flavors or aromas, it improves them
  • Product is tear resistant and spill proof. It stays pliable reducing risk of tear and spills
  • Package is made with Food Grade inks
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