Jurassic Grow

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Discover the Jurassic Grow

Grow is a plant growth formula specially designed to provide all the nutrition your plants need during the vegetative growth phase.

It contains all three primary nutrients to support vigorous green growth plus calcium and magnesium to guard against nutrient deficiencies.
Grow is useful for young cuttings when used at lower concentrations and for mature plants that need more size before entering the flowering phase.
It is also useful for encouraging new growth prior to taking cutting material.
Grow is very concentrated and suggested application rates should be exceeded with caution.
Consider supplementing Grow with a foliar spray of to ensure the most vegetative material possible on your plants.

Detailed description

- Nitrogen 13.5%
- Phosphate 0%
- Potassium 45%
- Available sizes 150g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg

Package includes

1x Jurassic GROW

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