Nutri+ Carborator Plant Supplement

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Nutri+ Carborator Plant Supplement

An energy source to drive your plants to the next level.

CARBORATOR is created with a blend of superior sugars - in a formula that increases yields, improves quality (aroma, taste and flavor), and feeds microbiology.

NOT derived from molasses or cane sugar like most other carb products for plants, CARBORATOR is completely water-soluble, clean and powerful.
Plants do benefit from all carbohydrate sources but not equally.
The unique chemical composition of CARBORATOR makes it beneficial during all phases of plant growth.

Detailed description
- Available sizes: 130 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 2.5 kg and 10 kg.
> Growing period: Use 3 grams of nutri+ ® CARBORATOR per 20 liters of nutritive solution.
> Blooming period: Use 6 grams of nutri+ ® CARBORATOR per 20 liters of nutritive solution.
Apply during the last 2 weeks of growing period and during the whole blooming period.

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