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Peflex 2PG is an insulated UL listed Flexible Air Connector consisting of four layers of polyester binding a galvanized wire.

Peflex 2PG is completely water and air tight, corrosion resistant and can withstand high static pressure (10po WC, 2.5 KPa).. High static pressure resistance is achieve by using the unique quadri-lamination process and by having a tight distance between helix (1.5 po, 38,1 mm) and by having a thick wall of (0.0033’’/0,085mm)

Peflex 2PG offer a high resistance to fire because of its unique quadruple laminating process using adhesive containing fire retardant.

Peflex 2PG has a much lower friction loss than regular cloth duct reducing the energy required by the system to move the air.

Peflex 2PG use John Manville Flexglass Formaldehyde free Insulation. John Manville Insulation is not an hazardous substance or mixture.

Detailed description
- Flame Spread : < 25
- Fume Spread : < 50
- Maximal Speed : 4000 pi/minute 15’’. H20 (3,7 kPa)
- Maximum Static Pressure in Continued Mode : 2.5’’. H20 (0.62 kPa)
- Maximal Negative Static Pressure in Continued Mode : -30°F to 140°F continuously (to 4’’WC)
- Operative Temperature Range :
-30°F à 250°F (-30°C à 121°C)
- Maximum Temperature Ranges in Continued Mode : -30°F to 180°F continuously (to 2 ’’WC)
- Vapor Barrier Material : Polyethylene
- Core Wall Thickness : 0.0041’’. (0,105mm)
- Vapor Barrier Thickness : 0.003’’ (0,0762mm)
- Size : 12" x 25'
- Available sizes : 4", 6", 8", 10", 12"

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