Plug N Grow iGS-100 Day & Night Co2 Control with Auxiliary Output

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Discover Plug N Grow iGS-100 Day & Night Co2 Control with Auxiliary Output

The iGS-100 CO2 controller is an essential control tool to efficiently and economically use CO2 enrichment for higher growth rates or to fulfill minimum ventilation needs day and night.
The display shows the ambient CO2 concentration within 75ppm at all times.

  • Maximum load both outputs : 15 A 120 Vac Battery-backed microprocessor control
  • Sensor and Control range : 0-5000 ppm
  • Automatic differential compensation : 20 ppm
  • Annual drift of the CO2 sensor : 75 ppm
  • Calibration of the CO2 sensor : 1 year
  • The internal CO2 infra-red sensor reads values from 0 to 5000 ppm.
  • The air sampling is optimized by means of an integrated fan.
  • The control unit can be positioned up to 6 feet from the output box (a cable up to 50 feet can be used).
  • The controller will automatically adjust its operating differential when the CO2 concentration overshoots or undershoots the desired set point.
  • Two set points are used by the controller : day and night set points.
  • This unit is 120 volts and uses 12 watts of power.
  • SA/UL compliant
  • Made In Canada
  • 3 year Warranty
  • Adjustable separate set points for day and night / Auxiliary output

Package includes
1x Plug N Grow iGS-100 Day & Night Co2 Control with Auxiliary Output

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