Royal Gold Coco 50 L

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Royal Gold Coco Fiber is your choice for premium, clean, quality and consistent coconut fiber growing medium. Our loose coco is ready to use straight out of the bag as a stand-alone medium, soil conditioner, or a base for your own personal creation. Royal Gold imports the finest coco available and takes extreme care in meticulously rinsing and buffering all of our Coco fiber, at our own facility. Each batch is analyzed for nutrient and salt content, by an independent lab. This gives far greater quality control and consistency in our end product.

NOTE* Royal Gold Loose Coco contains a light Calcium charge as a result of our buffering process, and will generally show ppm readings in the range of 700-900 ppm. This is a result of our calcium buffer, not excess levels of sodium chloride! Ppm readings indicate only how many parts per million of dissolved solids are present in your liquid (runoff, fertilizer, etc.) and do not distinguish between NaCl (Sodium Chloride) and other nutrients. (We encourage everyone to ask; What’s in your ppm?)*

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