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Complete Online Grow Course for Beginners

Everything you need to know to get started growing indoors effectively. With over 5 hours of video, printable charts and ongoing support, you’ll have a solid foundation for growing a quality product. 

This Course has 3 sections;

The Build

The foundation of every good grow is in the build. We provide a comprehensive look at everything needed to create an ideal growing environment. From choosing an appropriate area, to setting up the right equipment; we show you how to maximize the quality and quantity of your yield. We build alongside you from start to finish, taking you step by step to help you set up your ideal grow area.

Growing Your Knowledge

When it comes to growing indoors, having a solid understanding of the plant and the basics of growing is crucial before getting hands-on. Essential knowledge for a successful grow includes having a basic understanding of the anatomy and the environmental conditions that will allow your plants to thrive. We break this down while also helping you navigate through gene selection, choosing the growing medium that suits your individual goals, and ensuring proper water and nutrients are being used. 

Hands-On Growing

From germinating seeds to enjoying a properly cured product, this section walks through every stage of the grow cycle and harvest. We cover everything as we demonstrate with one of our plants so that you can grow along with each stage. We answer all of your questions on how to feed your plants, when and how to start flowering, plant maintenance throughout the flowering stage and, of course, when and how to harvest. But it doesn’t stop there, we also demonstrate how to dry your plants properly as well as trim and cure them for consumption.

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