SunBlaster LED Strip Light HO 6400K 12W 1ft

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Discover the SunBlaster LED STRIP LIGHT HO 6400K 12W 12"

The finest Horticultural LED lighting available for today’s Indoor Gardening.
Designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all indoor applications without fail or compromise.

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights are designed to maximize overall performance and economy and extend the longevity, while providing the best possible illumination for all indoor growing applications. Our self-cooling technology has allowed our engineers to optimize SunBlaster LED light strips to maximize their performance without creating excessive heat or wasting resources running the cooling fans.

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights™ are the next generation in propagation and grow lighting answering the need for advanced lighting options across a vast array of growing applications.

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Sunblaster LED Light Strip Sets Include:

    1. LED light strip - 6400K
    2. 6 ft (2 m) power cord with on / off switch
    3. 14 in (36 cm) connecting cord
    4. 2 flush mount clips
    5. 2 hanging clips


    Choose how you want to support your lighting:

    SunBlaster have included two types out mounting or suspension clips in your kit. They snap on to the top of the lighting fixture.

    LED Strip Light is included, it is a self contained unit with no user serviceable parts.

    6” Power cord with on/off switch is included with your LED, use this to connect your LED to your power outlet or timer if you are wanting to set the timing of your lights to match different growing cycles. Typical times on are 12/16/18 hours.

    Flush Mount Clips are included to affix your LED to a variety of locations where you might choose to mount your lighting. Under cabinet is a typical location. You can mount your lighting anywhere you want with these handy clips.

    Hanging Clips are also included, these clips are very popular for growers who want to suspend their lighting above their growing medium. With the addition of “S” hooks, they can easy be suspended in a variety of applications such the very popular bakers racks for propagation and growing of micro greens or cloning.

    14” Link Cord is included, you can interconnect up to 8 lighting fixtures, daisy chaining, and run them from a single power cord. This can be really handy in many growing applications. If you find you need extra length we do have a 24” Link cord available that is sold separately.

    Power & Linking Connectors
    Ensure you insert the correct end of the power cord or linking cord into the LED, they only go one way

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