Technaflora Pura Vida Organics Bloom

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Discover the Technaflora Pura Vida Organics Bloom

Pura Vida Organics Grow & Bloom, are unique organic fertilizers that provide plants with both a balanced and available nutrient supply in a pure natural form
suitable for use in hydroponic, soil, and soilless based gardening mediums without the fear of irrigation line clogging
and without the nasty smells associated with other organic brands.

Formulated from various plant materials and subjected to a fermentation process, Pura Vida Organics Grow & Bloom contain sufficient organic nitrogen (N),
phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), along with essential micro nutrients to sustain rapid, aggressive growth during the vegetative stage and to produce abundant
fragrant flowers and mature fruits during the flowering/fruiting stages.

Pura Vida Organics Grow specifically targets the vegetative growth phase rapidly creating lush green foliage, while Pura Vida Organics Bloom is formulated to promote and maximize the flowering and fruiting performance of plants during the reproductive stage.

Powerful on their own, Pura Vida Organics Grow & Bloom are ideal as a ONE-PART fertilizer for general use.
When combined, Pura Vida Organics Grow & Bloom create an aggressive TWO-PART formulation suitable for high demand crop production systems.

Pura Vida does not contain a calcium source. In order to add a source of calcium, the first supplement that should be used with Pura Vida is Magical. Add 3ml of Magical per each litre of mixed Pura Vida solution. This applies to using both PV Grow, PV Bloom and the Pura Vida aggressive formula.

Detailed description
- Nitrogen 2%
- Phosphate 6%
- Potassium 6%
- Available sizes 1L, 4L, 10L

Package includes
1x Technaflora Pura Vida Organics Bloom

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