Tree Wound Dressing & Grafting Compound

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Tree Wound Dressing & Grafting Compound

Treekote Wound Dressing with brush is ideal for protecting your shrubs, bushes, vines and trees from decay, insects & fungi. Can also be used for grafting, propagating orchards or patching damaged trees. This tree wound dressing reduces dieback and spread of harmful pathogens on tree wounds, grafts or pruning cuts. Proven to help prevent the spread of disease & increase wound closures.

  • Size: 8 Oz / 16 Oz / 32 Oz
  • Protects your shrubs, bushes, vines & trees from decay, insects & fungi
  • Apply to fresh pruned areas for patching damaged areas of trees & shrubs
  • Also for tree surgery, for propagating orchids & for after grafting
  • Proven to help prevent the spread of disease & increase wound closures.


  • Stir before using
  • Treekote emulsion is applied cold with a brush or paddle to fresh grafting or pruning wounds in most any kind of weather, except while raining or freezing. Always wet the brush or paddle before dipping into the emulsion. Treekote will adhere firmly to all surfaces until forced away by developing callus on the margins of cuts or by the growth of the grafts. This emulsion dries quickly and when dry, is not affected by climatic changes. On large cut surfaces it is best to apply a second application in about a week.


  • Any reserve supply should be kept tightly covered to prevent deterioration through drying out. Before putting away it would be best to cover the material lightly with water. Place where it cannot freeze.
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