TrolMaster Hydro-X Pro Control System (HCS-2)

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TrolMaster revolutionized environmental controller technology when it introduced the Hydro-X. The Hydro-X Pro continues the revolution with a 10’ touch-screen and a web-based software.

The Hydro-X Pro is backwards compatible with all current Hydro-X control / device modules. It also provides greater flexibility and allows any plug-in module to be addressed to be whatever the user wants. The user can also set up each plug-in module to have multiple “conditions” that will activate the module, allowing for almost unlimited control options.

The Hydro-x Pro is designed to be a single room controller for reliability and ease-of-use. The Hydro-X Pro expands the capability of the original Hydro-X by allowing up to 50 sensors and up to 50 separate control modules to be connected to a single Hydro-X Pro. Multiple sub-zones can be created within the single grow space by linking a specific sensor, to a specific control function(s).The new 4-in-1 sensor comes with a LCD screen which provide the ease of onside monitoring.

Customized programming allows almost limitless degree of control. Each of the variables (Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Light) can be controlled independently, meaning a customized ramp-up / ramp-down can be used to closely simulate natural outdoor conditions, or simply allow complete customization of the environment. Displayed on an easy-to-read and construct “graph” it allows the user to have 100% control of their environment.

Another powerful feature of the Hydro-X Pro is the built-in calendar and calendar presets that allows the user to schedule an entire crop’s “recipe” within the Hydro-X Pro. All settings including Lighting, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, and Timers can be specified by the user as they “build” their multi-week crop schedules. Reminders can also be programmed to ensure critical tasks are not forgotten.

The TrolMaster APP will also allow for notifications with separate day/night limits to be received by the user. The web-based software provides easy access and more advanced remote control. Onboard data acquisition and the ability to store and share setting between multiple devices, means that user-defined programs & settings can be saved and loaded into multiple Hydro-X Pro units with ease. A personalized screensaver page can be uploaded through a USB port. The same upgradeable feature like Hydro-X gives you the ability for life-time improvements.


  • 10.1' Touchscreen
  • Fully Customizable
  • Free Smart Phone App plus Web-base control system

Package Content

  • 1x HCS-2 Controller
  • 1x MBS-Pro Sensor
  • 1x Mounting Plate
  • 1x RJ12 Cable Set


  • Input Voltage: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.5A
  • Certifications: ETL/FCC
  • Degree of Ingress Protection IP20
  • Max Number of HID Fixtures 256*2
  • Max Distance to Device to be connected: 1000 meters
  • All-in1 Pro Sensor (MBS-PRO): Max 50 Sensors in Combination
  • Full Spectrum Quantum Sensor (MBS-PAR)
  • Water Content Sensor (WCS-)
  • Device Stations: Max 50 devices in combination

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