Ushio HiLUX GRO™ BULB CMH 315W / 942 / AGRO 4200K

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Professional Grade 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lamp type designed for open rated fixtures to its HiLUX GRO line of grow lamps.
The lamps are made to assure consistency in quality and optimized for high performance.
These economical CMH lamps offer spectral distribution optimized for photosynthesis efficiency and are available in 3000K and 4200K color temperatures.

Professional growers will not use just any lamps to get just any results.
They require specialty-grade lamps to maximize their growth and profits.
This is why professionals choose USHIO, a specialty lighting manufacturer.
The USHIO Hilux Gro™ professional grade lamp types are manufactured at our European ISO 9001 certified factory and are used by a multitude of OEM’s and professionals worldwide.

> Features & Benefits

- Super high output lamp technology
- Optimized spectrum, distribution pattern, lumen output and irradiance
- Reliable operation throughout the growth cycle
- Highest quality and consistent performance
- Engineered in ISO 9001 certified facility
- Ceramic metal halide lamp for plant growth
- Spectral distribution optimized for photosynthesis efficiency
- Blue output for healthy plant growth and robustness
- Ceramic μmol output within the PAR spectral range (Photosyntesis Active Radiation)
- Economic (long average life, high µmol output, low energy consumption)
- Easy lamp change

Detailed description
- Watts : 315
- Lamp Description : CMH-315W/942/AGRO
- PAR (MMOL/S) : 520
- Color Temp (K) : 4200
- Operating Current : 3.15A
- Max. Starting Current : 4.7A
- Ave.Life : 15,000 hours
- MOL (mm) : 193
- Burn Position : BU ±90°
- Lamp VOltage : 100V
- Ignition Voltage : 4KV-5KV
- Warm up time : 3 minutes
- Regnition time : 6-8 minutes
- Bulb Type : T12
- Dia. (mm) : 38
- Ballast : C182/O or Electronic

Package includes
1x Ushio HILUX GRO BULB CMH 315W / 942 / AGRO 4200K

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