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A stock concentrate powder for fertilizer injectors. DOS A – DOS is a two-part concentrated nutrient formula for use with proportionate mixers (DOSATRON). It is the same great quality as our one-part base just divided into two-parts to maintain balance as a stock concentrate. At a dilution rate of 1:100, 100 lbs of DOS will treat 12,000 gallons of water. The concentrate containers will be mixed as follows:

Part A: 360 grams/gallon

Part B: 240 grams/gallon

You can adjust part A from the highest recommended dose down in order to control the feed strength and balance out the consumption. The concentrate can sit 2+ weeks if covered and not introduced to light. DOS is very stable when insulated against air drafts and kept in the dark. -pH will be 5.2 with 0 PPM/EC start water -Recommended pH: Coco (5.9-6.0) Hydro (5.4-5.8) -Fine in peat moss with a water hardness of + 0.5 EC

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